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About Us

The Balkan Calling Association was formed in 2011 on the base of the Experience Balkan, which was originally a circle of friends. The members of the Association are united in their shared love, interest and curiosity towards Balkan cultures. Our aim is to discover many more Balkan countries and reach places where people of Balkan live.
We also organize walks in Hungary to visit places with active minority culture and customs. Other than the Balkans we also love to discover places off the beaten track.
During these trips we have met a lot of new people and meet them again on concerts, another trips or the events organized by Experience Balkan. We would love to welcome you in one of our events – so please, come with us, let’s discover new places together and have a great party afterwards as the Experience Balkan is you, in reality.

In the following links you can read the basic documents of the Association:

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