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Our Association offers the following services as individually ordered and organized programs for companies, private groups, group of friends etc. regardless of the number of participants.

– Ethnic culture/heritage minority walks (Serbian, Croatian, Bunjevci, Rascian, Turkish, Macedonian, Greek, Slovak, Roma etc) in Hungary and in the Carpathian Basin
– Balkan and culinary walks in Budapest, intercultural walks and music events
– Turkish and Balkan spa walks, wellness weekends in Hungary and the Balkans
– Intercultural and Balkan walks in Szentendre, Ráckeve, Tököl, Érd or in any other Hungarian settlement
– Trips and ‘experience weekends’ in Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Moldova and all over the Balkans

– Team building programs, ‘experience weekends’ in Hungary and in the Balkans

– Authentic Cuman pig slaughter and Vojvodina wellness weekends in Serbia

– Pilgrim trips, religious programs in the Balkans

– Hiking trips and white-water rafting all over in Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans

– Festival weekends, musical and cultural programs in the Balkans


Please check out the Contacts page for our contact details


(During our organized trips our cooperating partner is the AlmaVía Travel Ltd.  www.almavia.hu)